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The ISO Foresight Trend Report – The Global Energy Transition


ISO standardisation can make a real impact, both on your business and (on a far larger scale) on global issues. Decarbonizing the energy sector is a key priority for most countries in the world– a recent ISO Foresight Trend Report details the key standardisation trends to watch as the global energy transition continues, which we will be discussing in more detail here.

The Global Energy Transition

Minimising the use of unsustainable energy sources (and, as a consequence, limiting greenhouse gas emissions) has been a global priority for many years, and after the UN COP26 climate change conference in November 2021, many countries have set ambitious goals to limit the environmental repercussions of their energy production and consumption. The expansion in wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, geothermal and bioenergy production is expected to be both massive and influential.

Storing Energy

With global energy demand set to rise by up to 60% by 2050, the storage of energy for later usage is a key concern in the rush to decarbonise. As power grids struggle to meet demand, batteries that can store and release large volumes of electricity are receiving huge levels of investment, hastening their development and increasing the research into energy storage as a whole.

Managing the Energy Transition

ISO “signed the London Declaration last year, a commitment to help drive meaningful climate action using standards”…Furthermore, ISO already mandates over two hundred standards for the energy sector– standardisation can promote and sustain real, beneficial change. These guidelines promote cooperation and adaptability, ensuring that climate action can be globally mandated.

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