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Does your Aspects Register benefit your business?

When it comes to running a successful business, there are many different things to take on board. This is the same for all businesses regardless of size or the sector they are working in. While the needs of the consumer and the profitability levels of a firm are important to businesses, there are many other things to consider with the environment being a key factor.

Focusing on the environment and developing Environmental Management Systems can bring about a great deal of success for businesses. Firms can save money and improve efficiency without compromising on quality when they improve their waste management and energy usage. A firm can also greatly enhance their image and identity by properly implementing a greener way of working or committing to reducing their carbon footprint. Many buying decisions these days are based on a firm’s environmental focus and output so “green” firms will often receive support and sales.

This means that a firm should be looking to implement a robust and reliable Environmental Management System and this is where the ISO14001:2004 is relevant. This system provides the template for businesses of all shapes and from all different sectors to acknowledge their current environmental standing and to determine where they can make improvements. All businesses should be carrying out reviews to determine where they are and how they can improve, and this is very true for the environmental output of their business.

This is where the environmental aspects play a strong role in the decisions made by a firm and this is something that should be undertaken in an effective and efficient manner. Any firm that is concerned about their environmental impacts will find that the most effective way to move forward is to carry out an in-depth review of their environmental aspects and then review them.

A good quality Environmental Aspects Register will contain:

  • The environmental aspect
  • Information on whether it is controlled, has influence and can be considered a direct or indirect aspect
  • Information on the environmental impact the aspect has
  • Who is responsible for the aspect
  • The significance the aspect has on the firm, such as legal, policy, safety or other aspects
  • The risk rating
  • Legislation relevant to the aspect
  • Measures for the control of the aspect

Having all of these different elements noted and recorded means that a firm is far more likely to be in control of their environmental output. Placing responsibility onto certain departments ensures that there is someone or some department that knows it is their role to look out for this aspect. When it comes to Quality Management Systems, making employees aware of their responsibilities and roles is a crucial part of business.

Saving or making money should always be a key factor

Even if a business is not completely motivated by the thought of creating a more environmentally friendly image, the opportunity to obtain increased profitability has to be seen as a good thing. The fact that profits can be positively impacted upon in a number of ways due to being more environmentally friendly has to be seen as something that will generate success and incentive for a business.

Every business can benefit from reviewing their current output or what they provide to customers. The environmental output of a firm can impact on their image and identity but it can also impact on their cost. A firm that is inefficient and wastes energy will find that there is scope to save money and reduce their output. Even without gaining any boost in image or identity, a company that can save money with respect to energy consumption without compromising on quality will find that they are in a much better position to provide their customers with what they are looking for. No matter what products or services a business provides, there are ways to review their output and working practices to determine their environmental output. Use of the ISO14001:2004 provides the perfect starting point for firms to create a more environmentally friendly and efficient service.

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