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Mark1 Business Systems – December 2022 Update

Mark1 December 2022 Update

Happy New Year, everyone! From everyone here at Mark1, we hope that 2023 brings you happiness – and that you had a wonderful festive season, too.

The team had a fantastic time at the Botanist in Manchester for our Christmas Party, the perfect way to end a very successful year. We love an excuse to celebrate our wonderful Mark1 team – cheers!

Mark1 Christmas Party

Our final testing for the Titan system updates occurred at the end of the year, and we are committed to the continual development of the system. We are optimising user experience, and we are always open to client feedback.

In world news, Argentina won the World Cup for the first time since 1986. Did you watch the final? We were all on the edge of our seats, especially when it came down to the penalties. Watching Messi lift the trophy was a heart-warming reminder to us all to never give up on our dreams.

We also have some football news of our own: Brandon has graduated from the University Campus of Football Business (Etihad) with First Class Honours. We are all incredibly proud of him!

Going forward into 2023, many businesses and individuals are looking to be more sustainable, so Paul has shared some helpful tips on how to simply monitor your vehicle CO2 emissions:
First, find the total miles completed for the year, and divide this by the average miles per gallon. Times your answer by 4.54609 to get the total amount of litres used. Finally, you can times your final number by 2.68 for diesel cars, and 2.31 for petrol cars.
Here’s an example- if a diesel vehicle covers 1500 miles at an average of 50 mpg, each vehicle burns 30 gallons of fuel (1500/50). If we times that by 4.54609, we get 136.38 litres (there are 4.54 litres in a gallon). One litre of diesel creates 2.68kg of CO2 so the total emissions are (136.38 x 2.68) 365.5kg of CO2, or 0.3655Tn CO2 Emissions.

Thank you to all of our clients for a wonderful 2022; we enjoy working with you all, and look forward to helping you achieve your ISO certification goals as we move into the new year.

Stay safe, everyone,

The Mark1 Team

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