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Benefits of introducing risk as part of ISO 9001:2015

ISO standards are reviewed every five years and revised if needed in order to ensure they remain useful tools for the marketplace. The challenges faced by business and organizations today are not the same as several years ago and ISO 9001 has been updated to take those situations into account.

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Handling Complaints is a Breeze with Titan in These Three Simple Steps

It’s important to acknowledge that the success of your business is partly owed to your customers and clients perceptions. Because ultimately they can make or break you. However, it’s also necessary to understand that complaints don’t necessarily equal a bad reputation. This is because when these bumps in the road are handled well, you can…

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Discover more about managing Legal Compliance through Titan.

Four Ways You Can Benefit from Using Titan’s Legal Compliance Management The benefits of keeping up to date and in line with legal compliances stretch further than simply adhering to health and safety, environmental, employment and tax laws. In fact, with a proper legislation management system in place, your business can become a beacon of…

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Manage your risks and hazards in the best possible way.

There is no question of the importance of risk assessments within an organisation. As an integral part of a safety management plan, these procedures instigate an awareness of risks and hazards across all areas of your business. And with this knowledge, the power is in your hands to foresee who is at risk, and manage…

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It’s been two months since the newly published ISO 9001:2015 finally materialised, bringing the quality management system standard up to speed with the modern domain of business.

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Titan’s Waste Handling System

At the core of ISO 14001 is the management of environmental impacts within businesses; an accreditation that confirms a business’ dedication to being environmentally responsible. This is an important duty, and is not without its challenges, which is why it’s fundamental that an effective Environmental Management System is in place, not only to secure ISO…

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Amongst Titan’s many other uses, integrated into its system is a highly useful management capability; especially for businesses looking to either maintain or gain OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

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A deeper insight into the upcoming revision on ISO 9001:2008

Perhaps the biggest news this year for ISO (or at least the most talked about) is the revision of ISO 9001:2008, to the new standard, ISO 9001:2015, that is due to be published in September 2015.

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Using Mark1’s Titan for the best possible progression.

If you have growing concerns that your current IT system is negatively impacting the progression of your business, Titan is the first step in rectifying this. And the best part is; it’s effortless. With Titan, we have created a system that will seamlessly integrate itself into your existing IT system, offering the latest functionality in…

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Mark 1’s consultancy services work synonymously with Titan…

… guaranteeing the best possible results in gaining environmental, quality, and health & safety recognised standards. But how exactly do we work with you to achieve this?

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