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WorkFlow Services Ltd

WorkFlow Services Ltd is an ambitious professional services business operating within the construction, engineering and utilities markets. Our founders, commercial consultants and project managers from the UK construction and utilities industry joined forces in May 2021. Based in Bollington, Cheshire, the company has grown from a team of 5 to over 40 people within the space of 2 years.

The challenge

When working within the construction section, the ISO standards are vital to obtain to enable future growth. Industry expectations resulted in WorkFlow contacting Mark1 to help them on their ISO journey.

How we helped / Results

WorkFlow Services had aspects of a quality management system, but it was not integrated and didn’t drive improvements into the business. Mark1 was to implement a new quality management system, with the aim of attracting new business and keeping retention rates high. With a company working in the construction sector, quality is of higher importance to contribute to meeting competition. The relationship between Mark1 and WorkFlow has developed over the last year, now resulting in WorkFlow being ready for their Stage 2 Audits next month.

Working within the utilities industry and competing with large tier 1 consultancies where ISO accreditations are the norm, WorkFlow Services decided to start the ISO journey to gain ISO 9001 accreditation. After meeting with Mark Nolan and the team and seeing the Titan software in action, WorkFlow were confident that not only could they gain 9001 but also decided to work towards gaining 14001 and 45001 too. Having little knowledge of the requirements at the start of our journey, Mark 1 have enabled us as a company to learn and develop our systems and create an IMS.

WorkFlow Services have now completed their Stage 1 audits for all 3 certifications and are about to go through the stage 2 audits from which they hope to gain official certification next month. This is thanks to Mark 1 and their knowledge and invaluable help along our journey.

Jane Gough, Administration

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