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ISO Certification Case Studies

With over 20 years’ experience, working with numerous companies from a variety of different sectors such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Service based, we know that no two companies are the same.

As such, we always strive to fit the Standard to the company and never try to fit the company to the standard! We have built up a loyal customer base and have developed some fantastic working relationships over the years, but we also always look forward to welcoming new clients on board. With 100% success rate first time accreditation, we can be trusted to simplify the ISO process. But, rather than just taking our word for it, have a look below to see what some of our clients have said about working with us and how our products have impacted their organisations.
CS Type

Ascend BC

Ascend provide experienced Construction Management to facilitate the construction of client’s commercial projects, in line with their time and budgetary restraints.

Principle Logistics Technologies

Principal Logistics Technologies provides sophisticated and user-friendly Supply Chain solutions, that support many diverse and often regulated sectors; such as Pharma, Food Production and Hazardous Materials.

WorkFlow Services Ltd

WorkFlow Services Ltd is an ambitious professional services business operating within the construction, engineering and utilities markets. Our founders, commercial consultants and project managers from the UK construction and utilities industry joined forces in May 2021. Based in Bollington, Cheshire, the company has grown from a team of 5 to over 40 people within the space of 2 years.
E-Liquid Logo

E-Liquid Wholesale Ltd

As a growing company, with a strong ethos on delivering quality products and really putting customer satisfaction as a priority, E-Liquids swiftly realised that having an internationally recognised certification was a must to put them in a deservedly high place in the market. Therefore, in 2015 E-Liquids started on their journey, with Mark 1 as consultants, to achieve UKAS accredited certification to ISO 9001.
Cutler Cleaning Supplies

Cutler Cleaning Supplies LTD

Cutlers were keen to demonstrate their commitment to the supply of high-quality goods with excellent customer service being of paramount importance. And as an ethically minded organisation, they continually strive to implement improvements of sustainability throughout the business. It was therefore a natural choice for them to invest in the improvement of their existing Quality and Environmental systems.
Northburn Oils logo

Northburn Oils Ltd

Over the last year, we have helped Northburn Oils to update their UKAS laboratory accreditation to the ISO17025:2017 (Testing & calibration of Laboratories) standard and more recently gave remote assistance during their Virtual UKAS Assessment for this standard. We are also currently providing consultancy to Northburn Oils as they work towards achieving their UKAS accredited ISO45001 (Health & Safety) certification.
Mayfield Floors Logo

Mayfield Floors

As an environmentally conscious company with a commitment to ensuring both their current customers and prospective customers are fully assured that they will be receiving the best possible service, Mayfield Floors got in contact with the team at Mark 1 to assist them throughout the rigorous process required to achieve the dual standard for ISO9001 and ISO14001.
The University of Sheffield

Biological Services – The University of Sheffield

Biological Services' is a research support facility within the University of Sheffield. The research contributes to ground-breaking developments in understanding and treating diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's, deafness, Alzheimer's, heart disease and other neurological conditions which devastate millions of lives each year.

Equitix Management Services Limited (EMS)

Back in 2022 Equitx Management Services branched out and bought a new company. Part of that service agreement stated that they needed ISO 27001. Having previously achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 at the Portsmouth branch. They decided to continue with Mark1 and go for ISO 27001.

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