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With over 20 years’ experience, working with numerous companies from a variety of different sectors such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Service based, we know that no two companies are the same. As such, we always strive to fit the Standard to the company and never try to fit the company to the standard! We have built up a loyal customer base and have developed some fantastic working relationships over the years, but we also always look forward to welcoming new clients on board. With 100% success rate first time accreditation, we can be trusted to simplify the ISO process. But, rather than just taking our word for it, have a look below to see what some of our clients have said about working with us and how our products have impacted their organisations.

E-Liquid Logo

E-Liquid Wholesale Ltd

ISO 9001:2015 & Titan

E-Liquid Wholesale Ltd are a well-established wholesale e-liquid supplier, based in the UK and serving the growing trade in e-cigarette products. E-liquids work closely with their distributors, large and small, to help develop their brands and retain their customers in an increasingly competitive environment.

As a growing company, with a strong ethos on delivering quality products and really putting customer satisfaction as a priority, E-Liquids swiftly realised that having an internationally recognised certification was a must to put them in a deservedly high place in the market. Therefore, in 2015 E-Liquids started on their journey, with Mark 1 as consultants, to achieve UKAS accredited certification to ISO 9001.

When Mark 1 started working with E-Liquids, although all their processes were well documented, it was in a largely paper-based manner. With the use of The Titan System, we were able to help E-Liquids comprehensively manage their documentation online and consequently help them progress with the day to day running of their business. At a similar time, E-liquids were also implementing new ERP, WMS and e-commerce software. With all areas managed electronically, the journey to assist them through the certification process with BSI for ISO9001:2015 was straightforward.

We continue to support E-Liquids in the maintenance of their systems, conducting internal audits and assisting with assessments.

Here is what they have to say about us…

As part of our commitment to excellence in the E-Liquid industry and as a result of a recommendation from an associate ELW Ltd have worked with Mark 1 for over 5 years now, in that time the Mark 1 team have not only assisted us greatly in achieving our ISO 9001 certification but by utilising their advanced processes and Titan Management system they have greatly assisted us in streamlining all aspects of our operation which has resulted in improved profitability. The entire Mark 1 team are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and have proved to be an invaluable asset to our business.
Mark 1 are a key partner of our continued growth and success and we look forward to any new challenges safe in the knowledge that Mark 1 are with us at every step of the way.

Russell Slater – Managing Director ELW Ltd
Cutler Cleaning Supplies

Cutler Cleaning Supplies LTD

ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015 & Titan

Cutler Cleaning Supplies, (Cutlers), established in 1980 are an independent, family owned company based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Cutlers are members of Jangro – with 45 branches they are the UKs largest group of independent janitorial distributors.

Cutlers, Jangro product portfolio covers a wide variety of categories including disposable paper products, washroom hygiene, floor care, cleaning chemicals, healthcare/clinical products and disposables, janitorial equipment, PPE and cleaning machinery.

Cutlers were keen to demonstrate their commitment to the supply of high-quality goods with excellent customer service being of paramount importance. And as an ethically minded organisation, they continually strive to implement improvements of sustainability throughout the business. It was therefore a natural choice for them to invest in the improvement of their existing Quality and Environmental systems.

Mark1 started to provide Consultancy to Cutler Cleaning Supplies towards the end of 2016 and were initially tasked with up-dating their existing predominantly paper-based ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems. Facilitated by The Titan System, we were able to fully digitise, simplify and further align both ISO systems to the business. We also integrated the 2 standards, streamlining the processes within their Quality and Environmental Systems, so they worked simultaneously to increase efficiencies in both areas.

We continue to provide consultancy to Cutlers to assist in the maintenance of their ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems and assist during Assessment for these standards. This has been greatly simplified by the use of The Titan System, which continues to provide a reliable platform to record all necessary information. Cutler Cleaning Supplies are an extremely conscientious company and as such, it has been a very enjoyable experience for us, as Consultants, to work alongside them.

Here is what they have to say about us…

The team at Mark1 have been fully involved in the support and maintenance of our ISO9001 and 14001 systems since 2016, the use of the Titan System, being online has removed the need for inefficient paper records and enabled staff access from multiple locations, by using these systems the update of records, audits, management reviews and assessments can be conducted more efficiently.
We greatly value the advice, input and full involvement from Mark1 in all aspects of our quality and environmental systems.

Paul Whitehead, Managing Director
Northburn Oils logo

Northburn Oils Ltd

ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015/ISO 45001/ISO/IEC 17025:2017 & Titan

Based near Glasgow, Northburn Oils Ltd provide a comprehensive range of waste management and recycling services predominately handling waste oils and associated wastes. They Provide a full national collection service for waste oils using their own extensive fleet of tankers, allowing collections from garage workshops to larger bulk tanker movements of oil.

Northburn Oils have their own in-house UKAS Accredited laboratory which oversees all analytical work for the quality control of the incoming waste through to the outgoing products, allowing them to extract the best value from the oils processed on their site.

Mark 1 Business Systems first started working for Northburn Oils back in 2016, having being asked to assist in the maintenance of their existing ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental) systems. We continue to successfully maintain these systems to date, aided by the use of Titan our bespoke cloud-based ISO Management System, which Northburn Oils embraced from the start.

Over the last year, we have helped Northburn Oils to update their UKAS laboratory accreditation to the ISO17025:2017 (Testing & calibration of Laboratories) standard and more recently gave remote assistance during their Virtual UKAS Assessment for this standard. We are also currently providing consultancy to Northburn Oils as they work towards achieving their UKAS accredited ISO45001 (Health & Safety) certification.

Northburn Oils have been an absolute pleasure to work with over the last few years, always organised and looking to improve, it has been a privilege to assist in the maintenance of their ISO systems, helping them achieve their business goals. We hope to work with them for many years to come, and this is what they have to say about us;

We have worked with Mark 1 Business Systems and the Titan Cloud Based Management System for over 4 years and have found that both have become invaluable resources for our company.
Mark 1 as consultants have helped us maintain and transition both our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management Systems and the use of the Titan System has made this so much easier.
More recently Mark 1 has helped us Transition our ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System to the new 2017 Standard and are currently working with us on achieving the ISO 45001 certification.
If you are looking for help with your Management Systems, Mark 1 and the Titan System tick all the boxes.

Bob Wylie Director - Northburn Oils Ltd
Mayfield Floors Logo

Mayfield Floors

ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015 & Titan

Mayfield Floors is an industry leader in the supply and installation of all types of commercial floor coverings and most recently the addition of raised access flooring.  Based in the heart of Stockport, with a reach that spans nationwide, offering a smooth, highly personalised project delivery that is trusted by large and small business alike.

Formed in 1981, Mayfield Floors have grown to become a large and reputable company. As an environmentally conscious company with a commitment to ensuring both their current customers and prospective customers are fully assured that they will be receiving the best possible service, Mayfield Floors got in contact with the team at Mark 1 to assist them throughout the rigorous process required to achieve the dual standard for ISO9001 and ISO14001. For more information on how Mayfield floors achieved the dual standards click here.

Having received a funding grant for the project, the integrated system was implemented swiftly and successfully, greatly facilitated by the use of The Titan System. This not only fulfilled the certification requirements for both standards, but the integration helped to streamline business processes in both areas.

It was a rigorous process however Mark 1 provided excellent guidance and support from start to finish and we are absolutely delighted with the outcome. We have now achieved status in both quality and environmental management which enables us to expand our client base as the certification is a necessary requirement for many customers, in particular those working within the public sector.

Anthony Francis - Managing Director, Mayfield Floors
The University of Sheffield

Biological Services – The University of Sheffield

ISO 9001:2015

Biological Services’ is a research support facility within the University of Sheffield. The research contributes to ground-breaking developments in understanding and treating diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s, deafness, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and other neurological conditions which devastate millions of lives each year.

We were asked to conduct a thorough internal audit on their quality systems to assist with their re-certification of ISO9001:2015. Having visited the location in person initially, the whole country went into lockdown shortly after due to the Covid19 pandemic, so we arranged to conduct a ‘remote’ internal audit. It was extremely enjoyable and interesting working with this client and this is what they had to say;

Thank you for today. I really thought today was going to be painful, but you guys really know your stuff and it shows how easily you were able to do a remote audit on a completely new and unusual business.

I really appreciate the excel document, as you say, it’s going to streamline some of our own documents and make it easier to monitor and keep up to the standard.

Thanks again for all your help and ‘holding my hand’.

Mrs. Rachel Sandy BSc RAnTech NACWO - Research Support and Training Coordinator

Equitix Management Services Limited (EMS)

ISO 9001:2015/14001:2015/ISO 27001:2013/ISO 45001:2018 & Titan

Equitix Management Services Limited (EMS) provides SPV management services in the infrastructure, renewables and real estate sectors and is currently engaged across a number of sectors including healthcare, Education, Social Accommodation, Street Lighting and Waste with experience in managing projects in development, construction and operational phases. EMS provides a full range of services for its projects including: financial management & business administration, project operations, project technical services and construction management. EMS employs around 70 people across offices in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham and Yorkshire.

Mark 1 were pleased to provide Consultancy to EMS for the implementation of an ISO9001:2015 system over multiple sites, using our management Software Titan. Established in 2014, EMS, had swiftly expanded and the implementation of a robust Quality management system was a top priority. On hearing that the assessor for ISO9001:2015 had indicated certification with no actions or findings, on the first attempt, Managing Director, Neil Springett, commented as below;

“This is fantastic news and I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your hard work in ensuring that this went as smoothly as it did. We are really pleased with the outcome and looking forward to making further improvements to our system in the coming months and years”.

Neil Springett - Managing Director of EMS
Procare Logo


ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015 & Titan

Mark 1 supported PROCare, the specialist shower and bathroom supplier, through the rigorous process to achieve the dual standard.

As an environmentally conscious business, Wigan-based PROCare was keen to achieve ISO status in both quality and environmental management.

The company upholds stringent policies in these areas and wanted to promote an ethical stance on the green agenda. PROCare is committed to conserving resources and materials through the implementation of waste minimisation programmes and by encouraging the use of recycled materials where appropriate.

Our business is dependent on robust processes and outstanding products so it was natural for us to seek ISO accreditation. Working with Mark 1 gave us the direction and support we needed to achieve the standard. We are dedicated to sustaining this now and building on this success.

Brian Lee - Managing Director of PROCare

Legionella Control International

ISO 9001/ISO 14001 & Titan

World Legionalla specialist Legionella Control International (LCI) has a head office in Manchester and operates out of four other UK branches. The organisation provides independent consultation on all matters relating to the control, management and prevention of Legionella associated risks.

Mark 1 supported the company through a rigorous process to achieve both ISO9001 and ISO14001.

As global operators in compliance, risk management and crisis control, upholding exacting standards is mandatory. Achieving ISO accreditation, with the support of Mark 1, is testament to our commitment to excellence.

Simon Dooner - Director of Legionella Control International

John Caunt Scientific

ISO 9001:2015 & Titan

At John Caunt Scientific there was an antiquated paper based quality management system in place that took a lot of hours to maintain. We replaced this with a paperless version (Titan) that was reflective of the company and enabled them to manage this in a far more efficient and effective way.

I am delighted to have just completed our SGS audit to upgrade to the latest ISO9001:2015 Standard, which has been a breeze. Mark and the team at Mark 1 Business Systems continue to rubber-stamp our processes, procedures and policies to ensure that our daily operations are entirely reflective of the quality that this standard requires. The Titan Quality Management System is a seriously impressive tool that combines every aspect of quality management within our organisation. Since partnering with Mark 1 Business Systems to manage our QMS, we are proud that our ISO9001 accreditation is reflective of our operating culture, rather than a standard that we strive to achieve.

Oliver Caunt - Director, John Caunt Scientific

Primo Coachworks

ISO 9001:2015 & Titan

There were no quality management systems in place at Primo Coachworks. We provided consultancy to embed continual improvements, and root cause analysis, a natural result of this was that the company achieved ISO9001 at the very first attempt.

Mark1 supported Primo through the meticulous process of achieving ISO Accreditation. In the demanding market of Specialist Vehicle Conversions Primo is providing confidence to existing and potential customers as to the effectiveness of our company.

Lorraine Dunican - Registration Manager, Primo Coachworks

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