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Are WEEE Regs Relevant To Your Business?

When it comes to the regulations that impact on your business, pleading ignorance is never a legitimate excuse or defence. This means the onus is on you and your business to understand what regulations are relevant to your business and then to ensure that you comply with these regulations.

Different firms need to be aware of different regulations but a large number of businesses are impacted upon by WEEE Regs.

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the regulations impact on a large proportion of businesses. This is why it is important to ensure you are aware of your business obligations and what you need to do to ensure you meet these regulations.

Some of the businesses that are impacted upon by WEEE include firms that:

  • Import, manufacture or rebrand electrical or electronic equipment (EEE)
  • Sell or distribute EEE
  • Generate EEE
  • Repair or refurbish EEE
  • Recover, recycle or treat EEE

These instances cover a great number of firms and if you fall into one of these categories, it is your responsibility to ensure that are you compliant with the WEEE Regulations.

Your business will also be bound by WEEE Regulations if you are recognised as being a producer of EEE. There are a number of ways in which you can be classed as an EEE producer with selling or manufacturing EEE under your own company name or brand being a major one. You will also be classed as an EEE producer if you take another firm’s EEE products and then rebrand them to sell as your own products. Your firm will also be classed as an EEE producer if you export or import EEE products professionally in the United Kingdom or another member state of the European Union.

It is important to be aware that there are no minimum or maximum restrictions with respect to these regulations. If you undertake any sort of activity of this nature, regardless of how small it may be, you will be classed as an EEE producer. It is your responsibility to ensure you understand the environmental management regulations that apply to your business. Any firm needing assistance on understanding the regulations and wants help setting up systems should contact https://mark1systems.com/.

Are you a distributor of EEE?

Your business will also be bound by WEEE Regulations if you are classed as being a distributor of EEE that is used in homes and households. If you sell EEE in shops, retail outlets, wholesale locations, by mail order, online, on shopping channels on TV or online or by another other distance retail method; you will be classed as being a distributor of EEE.

Your business will also be bound by EEE if you use it, and you need to ensure that you dispose of all appliances and products correctly when you no longer need them. Your business should also be aware of being bound by EEE regulations if you carry out repair or refurbishment work on EEE. WEEE regulations may see you requiring a PPC permit, a licence for waste management or an exemption from working in this manner. These permits, licences or exemptions are also required if your business recycles, recovers, reprocessing or treats WEEE, so make sure you understand what you do in the workplace and then determine if you are bound by the existing regulations.

Even exporting EEE firms need to meet the regulations

Similarly, if you are an exporter of WEEE for reprocessing, treating or reusing, you need to be aware of the export controls that will be relevant to your business.

If you undertake a producer compliance scheme, known as a PCS, you should take responsibility for arranging for the collection, reuse, recycling or treating of the WEEE of your members. There are specific requirements in place for firms looking to operate a PCS and again, you need to make sure you comply with these regulations if they are relevant to you.


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