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How Titan helped Prima Coachworks Gain ISO 9001

As we mentioned here, Securing ISO 9001 is a huge asset, crucially signifying how your business’ services and products meet the demands of its customers on an internationally recognised level.

Consequently, after hearing that one of our valued clients, provider of high quality vehicle conversions Prima Coachworks, has gained ISO 9001 with the help of Titan, Mark1 Business systems now eagerly anticipates its client’s future success. With a certified quality management system, Prima Coachworks will reap the benefits of cost efficiency, and increase in sales of services and customer base thanks to ISO 9001’s effect on business management and customer confidence.

But how exactly did Prima Coachworks achieve this ISO 9001 certification? Mark Nolan explains how the Titan system has aided their client in this accomplishment.

How has Prima Coachworks incorporated Titan into their business?

Thanks to its accessibility and easy integration within existing systems, Prima Coachworks uses Titan as a framework for their quality management system. Titan is incorporated extremely well into their business as a cloud based system that employees can access from multiple locations, increasing flexibility and work productivity dramatically.

How did Mark 1 help Prima Coachworks gain ISO 9001?

With the application of Titan, we were able to provide invaluable consultancy. This included setting constructive objectives, dealing with all relevant documentation, in addition to implementing continual improvements. Subsequently, Prima Coachworks has gradually attained an extremely effective management system, resulting in ISO 9001 accreditation.

What are Prima Coachworks biggest benefits from using Mark 1 systems?

One of the many assets gained by using our Titan system is through increased efficiency of management activities, from eliminating human error during processes to dealing with documentation that can be integrated and updated in real time. This resulted in Prima Coachworks gaining more control over their processes, greatly affecting driving efficiencies and cost reductions.

What future benefits can Prima Coachworks gain from using Mark 1 Systems?

Fundamentally, through the continued use of our systems, we can help Prima Coachworks maintain a standard of high quality management, while continuing to drive improvements into the heart of their business. We believe our clients can always find ways to better their business, which is why we will continue to help Prima Coachworks in achieving the new ISO9001:2015 upon its announcement.

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