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5 Characteristics of a Good Quality Management System

Quality management system

Choosing a quality system can be daunting – there are a lot of options available! In this blog, the Mark1 team have broken down 5 characteristics that you should prioritise when choosing an ISO QMS, allowing you to select the best choice for your quality management.

QMS Flexibility

Businesses (and their requirements) change over time, so the ability to adapt with you is a feature that you should expect in your QMS. This looks different for every business, but in general terms, you should be able to adjust your processes or respond to new challenges without having to overhaul the system or provide lots of new training.

Communication and Clarity

For the same reason, your ability to communicate between departments and projects is also a key feature! Compliance and improvement should be collaborative processes, and a system that facilitates this will be an asset to you.  

The Benefits of Quality Management Systems: Streamlining

QMS is not just about improving where you need to, but also striving to make your business exceptional. This will help you to be competitive in your field, to gain and retain customer loyalty, and to make working with you a fulfilling experience for your staff. Quality management system software enables you to streamline your procedures and implement new initiatives where required.

Internal Audits

Your software should support regular auditing and self-regulation, allowing you to identify problems early and correct as needed.

Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

Your customers have a vested interest in your quality management, and this applies to both your products and your services. When choosing a QMS, think about how it interacts with customer feedback – does it allow you to track and analyse, and does it ensure that identified problems can be easily solved or mitigated? If the answer is no, another software will likely suit your business better. 

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