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Using Mark1’s Titan for the best possible progression.

If you have growing concerns that your current IT system is negatively impacting the progression of your business, Titan is the first step in rectifying this. And the best part is; it’s effortless. With Titan, we have created a system that will seamlessly integrate itself into your existing IT system, offering the latest functionality in a simple and user-friendly way.

What’s more, as a system that is continually reviewed and improved, the benefits your business will reap don’t end on day one.  Just like you, we are always growing, and always looking for ways to improve our system; a journey which we will share with you on a unified path to success.

So what exactly are the biggest benefits you can expect to achieve through Titan?

1. Cost and Time Efficiency

One simple rule:  completing a greater amount of work in less time is highly cost beneficial. This is why Titan is so effective at saving you valuable time and money, by increasing the efficiency of management activities, such as eliminating human error to prevent costly mistakes, and reduce the overall time of your business processes.

2. Be ISO compliant as well as act as a quality management system to support you with the submission of tenders

Looking to achieve ISO accreditation? We have helped some fantastic businesses, such as Prima Coachworks, Accepta and ProCARE achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 through the implementation of Titan; emphasising their commitment to maintaining stringent policies and processes in both quality and environmental management.

3. Be accessible anywhere as a web-based product

If, in the past, your business has suffered from current employees being unable to access systems and data away from the office, then Titan will be of a huge benefit to you. As a cloud based system, Titan can be accessed anywhere at any time, allowing your employees to travel and work at home as efficiently as they would on site.

4. Enable continuous improvement

Implementing Titan into your business isn’t the end of our working relationship. We will work with you for as long as you need, and offer our consultancy services to help you best utilise Titan, in addition to improving its functionality through in-house training. We have witnessed first-hand how Titan has boosted employee morale, simply through the acknowledgement on ongoing progression.

5. Ensure efficient document control and carry out real-time monitoring

Like the perfect employee, Titan enables efficient document control by means of careful and precise organisational processes; with focus on quality management. What’s more, each process is monitored and updated in real-time, producing an extremely consistent way of carrying out vital processes within your business, helping reduce waste, mistakes and customer satisfaction.


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